Who am I ?

My name is Anjara. Dina Anjara Herilanto Randrianampiantsoa. (YesπŸ˜‚), I am a student at Hald Internasjonale Senter. 

Some Norwegian friends of mine have given me a Norwegian name: Anders, which is easier to remember and pronounce for Norwegians… You can also call me Anders then. 

I am 19 years old, turning 20 on the 25 th of February, and in Madagascar I was a freshman in College (Industrial engineering ) before Hald.

Coming from the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo, I am now in Norway as an International Participant in the Connect exchange program of Hald Internasjonale Senter (in Mandal) , thanks to a partnership between my Church (FLM/ The Malagasy Lutheran Church), and the Norwegian Missionary Society (NMS), one of the owners of the school ( the two others being Laget and StrΓΈmme foundation). The school is getting support from The Norwegian Peace Corps ( NOREC).

Five main subjects are taught in the school:

  1. Culture and Cross-cultural understanding 
  2. Leadership and personal growth,  
  3. Aid and development cooperation, 
  4.  Information, Communication and dissemination,
  5.  Bible, mission and diakonia.

My program, Connect, is more focused on Evangelism and mission, alongside Development and diakonia. Therefore, the participants in the Connect Program had more classes about the bible in the fall course (August – September) and are now practicing in churches and centers  (youth and women centers for example) with NMS and NMSU in Norway,  FLM in Madagascar and Movimiento Encontrao in Brazil.

I have my internship mainly here in Oslo with NMS / NMSU Region Øst (East) from October 2018 to April 2019, practicing what I learnt in Hald and using what I learnt from before as a Member of the Malagasy Lutheran Church youth ministry in different events and tasks arranged by my local leaders 😁

A few words about myself? I love being with people, especially youth. I love to serve The Lord. I love singing and worshiping My God. I love trying new stuff and socializing… I feel blessed because this is what I’m doing for my internship! 😁

On this blog I share this so far amazing experience from my point of view. I will tell how I see it from different aspects: practical, social, spiritual. I will expose how I manage to get into the Norwegian society,  which is different from the Malagasy Moramora (smooth) lifestyle.

Here you can see how Anjara becomes Anders, from Antananarivo to Oslo.