The highlights of my adventure in images..

Arrival in Oslo and trip to Ringsaker, Hamar,… and the area

When I came to Oslo with my teammate,  Lanto, it was the autumn holidays. No work yet then, but a little trip with our host family….

The very first image of Oslo that I got… Oslo Bussterminal at rush time… not that crowded compared to Antananarivo!
A view of my little cosy room here in Oslo… The night that I arrived. (28th of September)
Sjusjøen fjellkirke (Mountain Church) colored windows.

Sjusjøen Fjellkirke

Ringsaker kirke (Near Gjøvik)

Ringsaker in the fall 🍂🍂
Brøttum church (Ringsaker area)
The altar of Brøttum church
First snow… (Mesnali)
Hamar Domkirkeodden ( Ruins of the Cathedral)
A view of the lake in Hamar…

First months of internship in Oslo (October – December)